Look Smart Secure Search

Look Smart Secure Search Description

The Look Smart Secure Search browser extension from Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/look-smart-secure-search/fphdjejmofdkcjobakmkhbpopdlfbjgg is stated to be published by My.looksmart.me and offer a search service based on the Blockchain technology and native support for HTTPS. However, the Look Smart Secure Search does not provide valid developer information, and there are no Privacy and Terms of Use Agreements on My.looksmart.me. The Look Smart Secure Search application is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that you might want to remove.

The Look Smart Secure Search is designed to alter your new tab page, start page, and default search services provider to my.looksmart.me. Also, the Look Smart Secure Search application collects information like your IP address, software configuration, and Internet history logs to send them to marketers. The tests performed on the Look Smart Secure Search program showed that the searches are not configured to load the HTTPS-enabled version of My.looksmart.me by default. Instead, you might need to initiate an HTTPS connection manually by typing the https:// prefix in the Omnibox. We found that there is a second domain related to the Look Smart Secure Search that is Looksmart.me, which does not have a valid digital certificate and lists the name 'Looksmart search script.' Both domains associated with Look Smart Secure Search share the same layout and try to connect to the same customized Google engine but fail to do so. Observation on the network requests sent via My.looksmart.me and Looksmart.me revealed that the Look Smart Secure Search developers were trying to make unauthorized calls to internal APIs by Google and provide users with corrupted code potentially. PC users who might have installed the Look Smart Secure Search extension should consider using a trustworthy anti-malware scanner to clean their systems of insecure apps like the Look Smart Secure Search.

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