The Lonkem.pro website is a bogus page that lures visitors in by promising to provide them with entertaining videos. However, this is nothing more than a low-level tactic since the Lonkem.pro website does not host any valuable content that is worth seeing.

The visitors of the Lonkem.pro site will be required to click on the ‘Allow’ button if they want to view the content on the site. However, this will provide the dodgy website with permission to send push-notifications via the Web browser. At first, this may not seem like a big issue, but the Lonkem.pro site will use Web browser notifications to flood the users with unwanted advertisements. To make matters worse, the products and services promoted by the Lonkem.pro are not trustworthy. Such shady websites are known to push fake products and dodgy, often overpriced services to their users. It is best to avoid engaging with any advertisements affiliated with the Lonkem.pro website. Furthermore, the Lonkem.pro is likely to continue spamming you with unwanted and untrustworthy advertisements even if you have closed your Web browser.

You can revoke the permissions granted to this dubious website via your Web browser’s settings. If you want to avoid falling in the same trap again, stick to browsing legitimate Web pages in the future.


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