LongCommandExec Ads

LongCommandExec Ads Description

LongCommandExec is a deceptive PC application that may claim that it can enhance your browsing experience and web surfing habits, but in reality it doesn't have the qualities to achieve this. Unfortunately, LongCommandExec isn't just useless – it is also annoying. It comes from the family of ad-supported programs developed via the JustPlugIt engine that is notorious for its association with numerous pieces of adware. As you can probably guess, the LongCommandExec app is no different, and ads are a mandatory part of its presence. As long as you have LongCommandExec installed, your web browsing habits may be accompanied by a large number of ads that are displayed by this application.

Although some of LongCommandExec's installation may have happened with the user's knowledge, it is a fact that this adware relies mostly on stealth installations that happen thanks to software bundles. The act of software bundling is quite popular nowadays, and plenty of software developers use it to generate revenue or to reach a wider audience. Bear this in mind the next time you install a freeware or shareware product, because it may be bundled with the LongCommandExec adware. Follow the instructions carefully and opt-out of any offers to install 3rd-party apps. Be extra vigilant if you come across license agreements or checkboxes because these sections of the installation may often be used to promote optional software like LongCommandExec.