Lokpresearch.club Description

Lokpresearch.club is a browser-based tactic designed to promote dubious links or files on the Internet. The first step of this fraudulent scheme is to attract users to its website Lokpresearch.club, which usually happens through unsolicited redirects by other similarly corrupted pages or a browser hijacker installed on a user's device.

Once you open Lokpresearch.club, you see a fake test message that is supposed to confirm that you are not a robot. However, clicking on the "Allow' button included in the text subscribes the user to browser notifications from this unsafe website. The banners and advertisements that will be displayed directly on their screen subsequently have absolutely no benefits for the user. Instead, they only expose users to the risk of having their devices infected with severe malware threats as they cause redirects to potentially unsafe websites. In addition, the amount of third-party advertising content may be sufficient to diminish the performance of the affected computer and the user's browsing experience substantially.

An adware threat also can generate Lokpresearch.club pop-ups. Therefore, malware researchers advise affected users to scan their computers with an anti-virus program.