LokiStealer is a password and cryptocurrency collector and also can be used as a loader. LokiStealer is written in C++ and can infect Linux and Windows XP e Vista computers. LokiStaler has a feature that allows it to check the wallet of its victim and collect browsers, emails and poker clients password. By checking the victim wallet, LokiStealer can uncover its balance and transactions and check if it is locked so that it will need to use brute force to hack it and retrieve cryptocurrency. LokiStealer can delete a processed wallet, backup and update it. LokiStealer hides its content so that its victims will not be aware of its presence.

It is not difficult to see why LokiStealer should be detected and removed from an infected computer, the sooner, the better. Luckily, by using an updated and efficient anti-malware product, the victims of LokiStealer can get rid of it quick and safely.


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