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Login Now Description

The Login Now program from h[tt]p://loginnow[.]net is developed as a new tab replacement for Google Chrome (and Chromium-based Web browsers) users. The Login Now program can be found at h[tt]ps://chrome.google[.]com/webstore/detail/login-now/mhenbfnkhcnieedfpjkmodjoilpjddhc and it is published by a marketing company called Polarity Technologies Ltd. The company behind Login Now invites the Web surfers to add the free extension to their browser and benefit from a quick search powered by Yahoo and place links to Google Maps, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook, Macys.com, Facebook, Yahoo, and Amazon conveniently. Before you install the Login Now New Tab page you will need to comply with the following requests via the Chrome Web Store page:

Add “Login Now”?
It can:
• Read and change all your data on the websites you visit.
• Replace the page you see when opening a new tab.
• Manage your apps, extensions, and themes.

The Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy applied to Login Now can be found at h[tt]ps://search.hloginnow[.]net/Home/Privacy and h[tt]ps://search.hloginnow[.]net/Home/Terms. PC users who proceed to install the Login Now program should take into consideration that Polarity Technologies Ltd works with a wide range of ad publishers. The extension publisher may collect the Internet usage statistics, which reveals what sites you visit, what content you download, what programs you have installed on your machine, your IP address, your OS version and it records what advertisements you explore. Login Now from h[tt]p://loginnow[.]net is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may be perceived as an invasion of your privacy. Users of the Login Now New Tab page are not allowed to make any modifications and will need to remove it if they wish to restore the native new tab in Chrome. You may want the help of a credible anti-spyware scanner to clean the tracking cookies and Web beacons downloaded by the Login Now extension and remove it safely.