LogarithmicEntry Description

LogarithmicEntry is a browser hijacker that modifies an affected browser's settings to redirect users to third-party websites. Malware researchers classify such tools as Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) because they install on computers without the user's knowledge. LogarithmicEntry usually spreads through infected advertisements on the Internet or a method known as 'bundling,' whereby it comes as an optional download along with some other program

A classic symptom that LogarithmicEntry is present on a device is that the browser's default search engine has changed to LogarithmicEntry Search suddenly. Thus, by redirecting all user search queries through this fake search engine to sponsored third-party pages, the cyber crooks generate artificial traffic to these related pages and earn advertising revenues. LogarithmicEntry misuses the legit Yahoo search engine to present a results page to the user. However, it injects irrelevant and potentially harmful links within the listed results

Users can remove LogarithmicEntry by deleting the corresponding browser extension. Yet, browser hijackers install additional corrupted files that also need to be cleaned up, so it is recommended to download an automatic malware removal tool.