Lodder.info Description

Lodder.info is a browser-based tactic that uses an empty website to get users' permission to send them advertisements. When people visit Lodder.info, the page pretends to conduct an E-CAPTCHA test confirming the user is not a robot. However, to do that, the user must click on an 'Allow' button to proceed to the actual website content. As mentioned already, this is just a trick to make users accept notifications from Lodder.info since this page has no meaningful content.

Inexperienced users who fall into that trap and click on the provided 'Allow' button put their online safety in serious danger. All advertisements and banners generated by browser hijackers like Lodder.info can be very harmful, as they may contain redirecting scripts to potentially corrupted websites. Lodder.info typically promotes untrusty pages where users can get infected with various malware threats without even noticing.

The critical point is that people usually come to this page unintentionally because their machines was infected with a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). PUPs install on target computers stealthily through a method known as "bundling" – malware developers embed such undesired tools into other popular programs' installers. Along with the constant flow of advertising pop-ups, another classic symptom of a browser hijacker is a sudden change of the browser's homepage and default search engine, which the user does not initiate. As browser hijacker often collect the user's data, which may be misused by third-parties is subsequently, it is recommended to remove such applications as soon as possible.