Locate Your Package

Locate Your Package Description

Type: Trojan

The Locate Your Package is packed as a browser add-on that you can add to Google Chrome. The Locate Your Package add-on is developed as an ad-supported app by Polarity Technologies Ltd. who has released copies of the add-on earlier in 2017. The Locate Your Package add-on is a new variant based on the Package Track (by Search.searchpackaget.com) and the Track Packages Online (by Trackpackages.global) that were released by the same company—Polarity Technologies Ltd. and were not received too well by communities online. The Locate Your Package app is designed to change the default new tab page in Chrome to Search.searchlocateyp.com, which is a copy & paste version of Search.searchpackaget.com and Trackpackages.global, which we have mentioned before.

The Locate Your Package software allows Web surfers to search the Internet for media and text via an integrated custom engine based on Yahoo. Search operations on Search.searchlocateyp.com are rerouted via Query.searchlocateyp.com/s?uid= to Search.yahoo.com. The Locate Your Package program by Polarity may want to access your bookmarks collection, browser history, themes, extensions, downloads, and read the data you exchange with sites. Polarity may collect non-personally identifiable data and sell it to advertisers and the profit fuels the development of new versions of the app. You may want to know that Locate Your Package is provided on an 'AS-IS' basis without any warranties. It is best that you read the Terms of Use and Privacy Agreement published on Search.searchlocateyp.com/Home/Privacy and Search.searchlocateyp.com/Home/Terms before you allow the Locate Your Package to have access to your information. The new tab powered by Locate Your Package may allow Web surfers to track packages, parcels, and letters via their ID code. The site at Search.searchpackaget.com is known to support services like DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, Greyhound PackageXpress and Amtrak. We have classified the Locate Your Package as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may apply changes to your Internet settings and reroute users to Search.yahoo.com as a way for Polarity to monetize its free-to-use software. AV engines might flag CRX, XPI, BHO and DLL files associated with Locate Your Package as:

  • Adware ( 004f41241 )
  • Adware.iBryteCRTD.Win32.122
  • Application.AdInstall (A)
  • ADWARE/iBryte.Gen7
  • BrowserModifier:Win32/Altiress
  • PUP/Multitoolbar
  • PUP.Optional.YourSpeedTestCenter
  • Riskware.Nsis.Adw.elbyfk
  • Trojan.StartPage1.32179
  • Win32/Adware.InstallFaster.A

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