Local Weather Alerts

Local Weather Alerts Description

The Local Weather Alerts add-on is a dubious Web browser extension that claims to offer useful tools to its users. However, the main goal of this extension is to hijack your Web browser.

The Local Weather Alerts extension is meant to offer users information regarding the weather in their region. Users may be led to believe that if they install the Local Weather Alerts add-on, they will be presented with weather information in their Web browser directly. However, this does not look like to be the case. The Local Weather Alerts extension will meddle with your Web browser’s settings and set up a sponsored website as your default new tab page – ‘search.hlocalweatheralerts.co.’ This is a generic search engine that appears to be Yahoo-based. Search engines like the one affiliated with the shady Local Weather Alerts Web browser extension cannot be trusted to provide users with the most relevant results to their search queries. This is because such search engines often prioritize sponsored content instead of presenting the user with the most relevant results of a query.

Since the Local Weather Alerts add-on changes your system settings behind your back, it is safe to say that this is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), and it is best to remove it from your computer. You can get rid of the Local Weather Alerts add-on manually using the settings of your Web browser, or you can trust a reputable anti-virus application to locate and remove this PUP.