Local Moxie

Local Moxie Description

ScreenshotLocal Moxie involves a low quality search engine and a browser hijacker. Local Moxie is used to generate advertising revenue by directing computer users to websites containing numerous advertisements and affiliate marketing links. Using browser hijackers and websites like Local Moxie, shady marketers and adware developers can generate substantial revenue at the expense of computer users. If your computer is directing you to the Local Moxie website or the Local Moxie Web browser toolbar has been installed on your computer, ESG security researchers strongly advise removing the Local Moxie toolbar and then using a reliable anti-malware application to scan your computer for possible malware infections. It is also advisable to avoid installing toolbars and similar adware on your Web browser since they can compromise your privacy and significantly alter your online experience.

Symptoms Associated with Local Moxie

The Local Moxie toolbar causes a variety of symptoms on the affected computer. The following listed points are some of the most common symptoms associated with Local Moxie:

  1. Removing the Local Moxie toolbar completely in order to stop its symptoms is rarely straightforward. The Local Moxie toolbar will often add components and changes to your settings that will need to be removed manually, even after uninstalling Local Moxie itself.
  2. Visiting the Local Moxie website or using the Local Moxie toolbar may cause the appearance of several pop-up windows and advertisements on the affected computer. These types of pop-ups may often lead computer users to additional suspicious content which may expose the computer with dangerous PC infections.
  3. The Local Moxie toolbar contains components that can keep track of your online activity. This information can then be used by marketers to deliver advertisements to your Web browser.
  4. One common complaint associated with the Local Moxie Web browser toolbar and Potentially Unwanted Programs like Local Moxie is that they may have a negative effect on a computer's performance. These types of toolbars may often slow down a computer and affect its online connection speed. An affected computer may take longer to load Web pages or to establish a connection a particular address.