LocalHost New Tab

LocalHost New Tab Description

Type: Possibly Unwanted Program

Computer users that install the Your Movies Now New Tab application may notice that their new tab pages are re-branded as LocalHost New Tab. The LocalHost New Tab page is hosted on several domains including Search.di-cmf.com, Search.searchdoco.com, and Search.yourmovietime.com. The design of the LocalHost New Tab page is created by Adknowledge, Inc. that is the company operating the Safer Browser adware. Adknowledge, Inc. is known for creating many versions of its primary product, and users may find a program named LocalHost by SaferBrowser listed in their 'Programs and Features' module. The LocalHost by SaferBrowser application is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may change your default search provider to a custom built of Mywebsearch.com. The LocalHost New Tab app might edit your Registry to limit your search capabilities to Mywebsearch.com and process all your search operations.

Marketers that are in partnership with Adknowledge, Inc. may use the data that is gathered by the LocalHost New Tab application to show advertisements in your browser. Moreover, users are not advised to use the quick links on Search.di-cmf.com, Search.searchdoco.com, and Search.yourmovietime.com because they may be suggested to allow a third party to manage their account on Google, Aol.com and Microsoft. The LocalHost New Tab app should not be allowed to connect to our social media profile and online banking portal because it does not use SSL encryption and your information may be leaked to an unauthorized entity. The LocalHost New Tab app may use a redirect-gateway to process your clicks online and record what sites you visit to generate tailor-suited ads. You may want to remove the LocalHost New Tab software and regain control over your Internet experience by using a reputable anti-malware utility.

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