Local Classified Ads

Local Classified Ads Description

The Local Classified Ads is a fake Web browser extension that promises its users to provide them with access to online advertisements from their areas that are considered ‘classified.’ The Local Classified Ads add-on also claims that users can use their tools to post their own ‘classified’ local advertisements. However, this is nothing more than a lie since the Local Classified Ads add-on simply provides you with access to publicly available advertisements extracted from freely available websites like Close5 and Craigslist advertisements.

Not only does the Local Classified Ads Web browser extension mislead its users, but it also alters the settings of their Web browsers without their knowledge. If you install the Local Classified Ads add-on to your Web browser, this extension will change your default new tab page to ‘Search.localclassifiedsadstab.com.’ Furthermore, this shady Web browser extension will also alter your default search engine to ‘Query.localclassifiedsadstab.com.’ If you attempt to use the search engine affiliated with the Local Classified Ads add-on, you are likely to get less relevant results as dodgy search engines often push sponsored content, instead of showing organic results.

If you have installed the Local Classified Ads Web browser add-on, it is best to remove it. This application is listed as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). If you want to get rid of the Local Classified Ads add-on, you can remove it easily via your Web browser settings or with the help of a trustworthy anti-virus application.