Loadstart.biz Description

Type: Browser Hijackers

The Loadstart.biz site is presented to users as a search service and new tab replacement. The site Loadstart.biz has no rank on Alexa.com and Hyperstat.com has no information on the site. Evidently, Loadstart.biz was registered on May 26th, 2017 and was soon reported in relation to cases of browser hijacking. Loadstart.biz is associated with the and the IP addresses. PC users may install the Loadstart.biz browser hijacker as a component of a free program bundle deployed via the Installmachine.com platform. Network analysis revealed that the Loadstart.biz site acts as a redirect-gateway to Google.com and does not work as a legitimate search service. Also, users may experience pop-up windows that load content from h[tt]p://get1.installmachine.com/data/?track_id=[RANDOM CHARACTERS] and offer access to free programs like the Cloud System Care and HDtubeV1.6V16.09M.

The Loadstart.biz browser hijacker is reported to make modifications to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Computer security experts note that the Loadstart.biz browser hijacker might edit the settings regarding your start page and default new tab. Infected users are rerouted to Loadstart.biz whenever they open the browser, and their new tab page loads Loadstart.biz automatically. The IP address of Loadstart.biz was mentioned in reports regarding technical support tactics and users are suggested to avoid calling phone lines promoted at Loadstart.biz. The Loadstart.biz site may appear useful by offering links to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Gmail and Twitter. The design of Loadstart.biz is intended to fool users into thinking their browser is loading the default new tab page when this is not the case. The creators of Loadstart.biz make money from redirecting users to Google.com and selling information like your search terms and apps you download after using Loadstart.biz. The site at hand is flagged as an untrusted Web portal, which you may want to avoid. You can delete software associated with Loadstart.biz with the help of a trustworthy anti-spyware scanner.

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