Threat Database Adware 'Loading Player' Browser Notification Page

'Loading Player' Browser Notification Page

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Both user and online expert security reports point to the existence of a 'Loading Player' landing page. Dubious sites, banners or advertisements may re-direct users to this particular notification page, which prompts the user to allow it to show notifications. However, it is not a good idea, as once it has been permited to accomplish its task, the 'Loading Player' browser notification page
installs a PUP that does more than just notify the user of something via pop-ups while the said user is browsing the Web.

As a matter of fact, the 'Loading Player' browser notification page sends spam notification pop-ups to a user’s desktop directly, even if the said user’s browser is closed at the moment. The pop-ups display a variety of advertisements, which promote content that may range from fairly innocuous things such as “addictive” browser-based online games to more suspicious ones such as fake software updates, PUPS or links leading to sites that contain adult material.

All sources seem to indicate that the PUP installed by the 'Loading Player' Browser Notification Page is not a significant security threat in and of itself. However, the deceptive practices used to download onto a user’s computer and its primarily annoying function is more than sufficient to classify it as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). The software associated with the 'Loading Player' pages should be avoided and removed as soon as its existence is discovered by a user. As noted above, the program itself is pretty innocuous – but the material it often advertises may well not be, and the last thing a user wants is to get infected with some serious malware just because they clicked on an advertisement displayed by this PUP accidentally.
'Loading Player' Browser Notification Page


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