Loadingdata.site Description

The Loadingdata.site domain is associated with cases of browser hijacking and the display of unwanted advertisements. The Loadingdata.site domain was reported to be seen on pop-up windows that load unique links, which follow the model h[tt]p://loadingdata[.]site/jo/ua?id=[27 random characters]&b=. Computer security researchers warn that the people behind the Loadingdata.site domain may use it to deploy riskware and adware to PC users as safe desktop applications. We have seen that users compromised by adware and browser hijackers may experience pop-up windows with load with messages from URLs like:


The content provided via Loadingdata.site may originate from the following IP addresses:

The pop-ups by Loadingdata.site should not be trusted and it is a bad idea to download content from them. PC users may have installed a free program like a media player and a new BitTorrent client that may use the default Web browser to load messages from Loadingdata.site. The notifications from Loadingdata.site may include links to phishing pages and lead users to install fake updates to Adobe Flash and Java. Security incidents may occur when you install and run programs that have been provided by Loadingdata.site. It is best to avoid loading Loadingdata.site and run a system scan to determine the cause for redirects to Loadingdata.site. AV engines are known to delete the files associated with Loadingdata.site and mark them as:

  • HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen
  • JS/Redir.ZC!Eldorado
  • Suspicious_GEN.F47V0408
  • Trojan ( 0051f8171 )
  • Trojan.GenericKD.12603719
  • Trojan.HTML.Phishing
  • Trojan.JS.Agent.QMG
  • Win32.HLLP.Sector.30760