By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers

Lns.livexjs.net is an advertisement platform that has been linked to a multifariousness of Potentially Unwanted Programs, including low quality Web browser toolbars like the Babylon Toolbar or Yontoo. If you are experiencing redirects to the Lns.livexjs.net or pop-up advertisements delivered by Lns.livexjs.net, this indicates that a PUP has been installed on your computer. Lns.livexjs.net pop-ups and redirects may expose your computer to threatening online content or compromise your privacy. Accordingly, security analysts advise PC users to remove any PUPs immediately if the affected computer is presenting pop-ups or redirects associated with the Lns.livexjs.net URL.

Advertisement Platforms Such as Lns.livexjs.net may Be an Annoyance

Malware researchers have received numerous reports of problems associated with Lns.livexjs.net on computers affected by the types of PUPs mentioned above. Below are displayed a sample of usual problems that may be associated with the Lns.livexjs.net URL:

  • PUPs associated with Lns.livexjs.net may cause numerous pop-up advertisements to appear on the affected Web browser. These advertisements may read 'delivered by Lns.livexjs.net' or 'ads by Lns.livexjs.net.' One of the main problems associated with Lns.livexjs.net advertisements is that they may try to convince you to install other PUPs or to become a victim of known dishonest tactics online involving rogue security software, fraudulent surveys and similar questionable content.
  • PUPs linked to Lns.livexjs.net may assume the control the affected Web browser, forcing computer users to visit Lns.livexjs.net and websites associated with Lns.livexjs.net repeatedly. The affected Web browser may be redirected to Lns.livexjs.net after the computer user clicks on a link or tries to visit a particular URL.
  • Computer users will find that PUPs associated with Lns.livexjs.net may alter the compromised Web browser's homepage and search engine to Lns.livexjs.net.


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