Lnksr.com Description

Lnksr.com is associated with a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers are used to force computer users to view Lnksr.com in order to generate advertising and affiliate marketing revenue through sponsored links, pop-up advertisements and in-page advertisements. Low quality search engines with sponsored search results and websites containing little but links and advertisements have become increasingly common and are usually associated with a browser hijacker. There are several reasons why criminals and marketers have latched on to this strategy as an easy and effective way to make money.

  • Due to their low quality, Web pages such as Lnksr.com are very easy to set up, discard and recycle, allowing criminals the freedom to stay one step ahead of malware blacklists.
  • Sites like Lnksr.com are easy to monetize and increased advertisement revenue is easier to justify than money stolen through banking Trojans. Lnksr.com also requires less effort to acquire and is a more constant stream of revenue.
  • Compared to other threats, sites like Lnksr.com have a built in social engineering component due to their similarity to legitimate search engines. With the rise of inexperienced computer users that has come thanks to the popularity of social networks in the last decade, criminals now have more potential victims than ever before.
  • One particularly worrying aspect of browser hijackers associated with Lnksr.com and similar threats is that, in many cases, they are not technically illegal. This is accomplished by taking advantage of the fact that many computer users do not read carefully user agreements and installers, meaning that they may not take advantage of the opportunity to opt out of installing a browser hijacker on their computer.

Understanding Lnksr.com and Browser Hijackers Associated with this Web Page

Although Lnksr.com is designed to resemble a legitimate search engine, the similarities are only superficial. Lnksr.com does not offer useful services or interesting content; this website is merely designed to deliver advertisements and take advantage of inexperienced computer users. Carrying out a search on Lnksr.com simply results in a large amount of advertisements and search results. Since most computer users would simply switch to a legitimate search engine after finding out that Lnksr.com provides no useful services, a browser hijacker is used to force computer users to visit Lnksr.com repeatedly.