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The Live TV Now software is the fourth release in the TV entertainment line of products developed by Polarity Technologies Ltd. The Live TV Now is promoted as a browser extension that can be installed on Google Chrome and help you find free movies, the latest trailers from Hollywood, and enhance your overall Internet experience. The functionality presented by Live TV Now is available to PC users for free given that they agree to give up information like their Internet history, downloads log and the list of their Chrome themes, extensions and plug-ins. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy associated with Live TV Now can be found at hxxp://ofsearch.hlivetvnow[.]co/Home/Terms and hxxp://ofsearch.hlivetvnow[.]co/Home/Privacy.

The Live TV Now is perceived as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by Polarity Technologies Ltd., which is identical to My Television XP, Watch More TV Now ( and Watch TV Now. The Live TV Now extension is programmed to change your new tab to hxxp://ofsearch.hlivetvnow[.]co that is identical to hxxp://search.mytelevisionxp[.]com used by My Television XP, hxxp://search.searchwamtv[.]com used by Watch More TV Now and hxxp://search.watchtvnow[.]co used by Watch TV Now. The Web portal does not provide access to free movies. Instead, you are shown links to services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Yahoo, Gmail and PC users are not required to install the Live TV Now extension if they wish to benefit from You may want to consider removing the Live TV Now extension if you are not fond of targeted advertisements and search redirects to that is the legitimate version of Yahoo's search service.

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  • Berry Taylor:

    Live tv now is one the best software, I used this application which has some great feature as well is also has a problem. after that, I am using Kodi tv which has a great user experience.