LiveStreamNewsToday Promos

LiveStreamNewsToday Promos Description

The LiveStreamNewsToday Promos add-on is a dodgy Web browser extension that is not to be trusted. This fake Web browser add-on likely misleads users into installing it by claiming to provide them with live streams of news.

However, you can be sure that the LiveStreamNewsToday Promos add-on will not provide you with any interesting or informative content. This is due to the fact that this add-on is classified as adware and serves one purpose only – injecting advertisements in the websites that the user is browsing. The LiveStreamNewsToday Promos add-on will become a nuisance for users rather quickly because it will plant numerous advertisements in the sites they browse. Some of the advertisements may be too large and end up overlaying some important parts of the site (menus, items, etc.), which may impact the browsing quality of the user negatively. Such oversized banners and pop-ups are likely to prevent users from getting access to all the content of the website in question. Dodgy services and fake products are often promoted with the help of adware. This is why users should not trust advertisements spawned by adware like the LiveStreamNewsToday Promos Web browser extension.

Malware researchers advise users to remove any adware that may be present on their systems sooner rather than later, as these annoying applications may prevent you from enjoying your favorite websites. You can do this with the help of a genuine anti-spyware tool.