The site is presented to users as a place where they can search for radio stations from across the globe and listen to music. You can load and explore radio stations dedicated to various genres, but you may want to know that the site is related to cases of browser hijacking. Additionally, the site was flagged as insecure due to links to static.badolina[.]com/countr, which hosted harmful code. The links on that may redirect users to corrupted pages are not easy to spot because they look just like regular hyperlinks. Additionally, ads and pop-ups with sponsored content may lead users to an insecure page. The browser hijacker associated with may allow threat actors to take advantage of the site and spread harmful code to unsuspecting users.

The browser hijacker may land on computers as a browser extension from, which allows users to listen to radio stations without loading in a separate tab. You should not install freeware bundles via the 'Express' option because you may install the browser hijacker unknowingly. Computer security researchers note that the browser hijacker may connect to the IP address and load corrupted content over an unencrypted connection. It is recommended that users rerouted to run a trustworthy anti-malware scanner to determine if there is harmful code loaded into their systems.