LiveSportTV Now

LiveSportTV Now Description

Type: Trojan

The LiveSportTV Now browser extension by is promoted as a tool that can give you access to movies and news from Hollywood. However, the LiveSportTV Now extension is not supported by TV channels and online media streaming services. Additionally, the LiveSportTV Now extension is an ad-supported program that may modify your new tab page and downloads tracking cookies from sponsors. The new tab powered by LiveSportTV Now includes a to-do list, a search bar powered by, and allows you to bring up the downloads list and extensions list with a single click. The LiveSportTV Now extension may be promoted via ads generated by adware and legitimate commercials. You may want to know that the installation of LiveSportTV Now is followed by a browser redirect to:


There, an installation window appears and says:

'Installation status
The installation has been canceled
[Try Again|button] [Go to Store|button] [Go To Site|button] [Cancel|button]'

The user is suggested to install another ad-supported extension dubbed browserGamer Search, which is a clone of
gamesNet Search offered by What you might not know is that LiveSportTV Now and the browserGamer Search (a.k.a. gamesNet Search) are produced by developers that have the control of The site's owners are engaged in the distribution of dozens of applications that are designed to generate Web traffic to and The browser redirects via to are monetized and help its owners maintain an arguably legitimate search service. When you install the LiveSportTV Now extension from or you are presented with a dialog box that requests the following privileges be given to the LiveSportTV Now app:

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit.
  • Communicate with cooperating sites.
  • Display notifications.

You may find links on to content on Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, VUDU, and Netflix but does not function as a media platform. If you decide to take advantage of the links on you would be redirected to promotional offers at and then to the content you requested from Also, the search bar on your new tab is designed to redirect you via to when you use it. Many users may not welcome the numerous browser redirects performed by the LiveSportTV Now extension and the marketing materials presented as site notifications. Computer experts perceive the LiveSportTV Now as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), and you should read the documentation at and before you decide to keep using LiveSportTV Now.

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