Description is a fake web search engine that is associated with browser hijackers and rootkits that involve a tracking cookie allowing scammers to replace search results in Google and other well-known search engines with unwanted search links and forcibly redirect web users to and other suspicious advertisement websites. Browser hijackers and rootkits linked to also use the tracking cookie with a purpose to deliver ads and gather Internet users' private details in order to send them to remote cybercriminals. After compromising the affected web browser, these browser hijackers can change your default homepage and search engine. won't provide you any reliable and safe search engine functions. If you try to search for a certain keyword on whatever search engine, eventually, you will get nothing related to your query because your search results are changed to links unrelated to your query instantly once you click on some of them. You should configure your browser settings and get rid of all browser hijackers and rootkits to block disturbing redirects to