Description is a deceptive website that, when accessed by the computer users, will redirect them to unsafe websites. Computer users will experience this intrusion kind when they visit a compromised website, click on corrupted advertisements or download a free application from the Web that has bundled with it. As soon as is inside a computer, it will create a new tab, which will lead the computer users to Then, they will be redirected to the unsafe website mentioned above. Another task that performs is to display pushy advertisements that will try to induce the computer users to access their contents, which can end up being traps that bring all parasites kinds to the affected computer.

Besides the unwanted tasks previously described, also can collect information from the affected machine such as the data entered by the computer users, their IP address, the websites they visit, their search queries and even personally identifiable data. The objective of is to sell the collected data to advertisers so that they can display advertisements that will be appealing to the computer users. Obviously, no one can be happy with a website that wasn't invited appearing on their desktops. Therefore, if this is what is happening with you, there is an easy solution; a qualified anti-malware software will identify and remove the source of, as well as any remaining trace of its presence.