LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar

LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar Description

Type: Possibly Unwanted Program

The LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar software is presented to users as a browser extension for Google Chrome/Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox that can help them explore 1500 radio stations online. Music fans and other interested users may find the LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar at The LiveRadioSweeper extension is available for free, and its installation requires the download of a small package only since most of its features are presented via a Web-app. The LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar is a product of Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. and you should read the terms of service and privacy agreement provided at and before you proceed to install the extension.

The LiveRadioSweeper browser add-on may be perceived as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) because it may be installed with a freeware bundle, it may perform unwanted modifications to your browser, and may share non-personally identifiable data about your online activity to advertisement networks. Mindspark allows users to add LiveRadioSweeper to their Internet client for free, but the app may require access to your bookmarks collection, Internet history, downloads log, software configuration and IP address to build an advertising profile about you.The LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar is programmed to help advertisers provide targeted marketing materials to your screen when you load affiliated pages on the Internet.

As far as its performance is concerned, the LiveRadioSweeper extension is unlikely to make your browser unstable, and users might notice that their new tab page and home page are changed to The site offers quick links to Instagram, Groupon, Amazon, Pandora, SomaFM and Gmail, and provides a widget powered by that allows you to load online radio of your choosing. You should note that the Firefox and IE versions of LiveRadioSweeper may modify your start page and new tab page while the Chrome version alters the new tab selection and loads by default. Cyber security analysts add that LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar is a re-packaged version of other online radio-related extensions released by Mindspark, which include the RadioRage Toolbar, the Radio PI Community Toolbar, the DiscoverLiveRadio Toolbar, the Your Radio Now, the Easy Radio Access Toolbar and the MyRadioAccess Toolbar.

As you can see, there is a reason for Mindspark to re-pack and re-brand its products. The ad-supported software they make is not as welcomed by users as they may hope. The LiveRadioSweeper extension may provide users with content on and similar platforms, but users are put in a position where third parties may have access to their downloads log, browsing history and software configuration. Needless to say, privacy is a primary concern for users today, and you might want to remove the LiveRadioSweeper extension from your browser sooner rather than later. AV scanners are known to alert users of the presence of Mindspark products on the computer using the following tags:

  • PUA.Mindsparki.Gen
  • PUA/MyWebSearch.Gen
  • MyWebSearch.J (v)
  • W32.HfsAdware.1166
  • PUP.WebToolbar.MyWebSearch
  • GrayWare[:not-a-virus]/Win32.StartPage.gen
  • PUP.MindSpark/Variant
  • Application.Win32.BrowseFox.nlnbg

Technical Information

Registry Details

LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
File name without path

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