Description is a suspicious website that, despite what its name may imply, has only one function - to propagate a browser-based tactic. The end goal is to start delivering various unsolicited advertisements to the user's device generating monetary gains for the creators of the site in the process.

To achieve this, must trick any unsuspecting visitor to grant it the permissions required for the delivery of advertisements through push-notifications. The site displays fake alerts or error messages that try to convince the user to click the 'Allow' button no matter what the specified text is. Other social engineering tactics also are employed. For example, displays a message that pretends to be conducting an age verification check prominently, with the implication that the user can then proceed to some explicit adult content - 'If you are 18+ tap Allow.'

Overlooking the red flags will result in starting to generate numerous third-party advertisements on the affected device's screen directly. The frequency with which the advertisements are delivered could even start to interfere with the device's normal use. More importantly, however, clicking on any of the advertisements could redirect the user to other fraudulent websites offering dubious software updates or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).