LivePDFSearch Description

While its name may suggest that LivePDFSearch will provide users with a more convenient and easy to conduct PDF searchers, the true purpose of the application is to act as a browser hijacker and generate artificial traffic towards its sponsored address. Users will feel the impact of having LivePDF Search installed on their computer systems almost immediately - the application wastes no time and takes control over certain browser settings.

Users will notice that the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine are no longer what they used to be. Instead, all three of these settings will be modified to open the address, a fake search engine. As a result, wherever the browser is simply opened, or a search query is initiated, it would immediately drive traffic towards the fake engine. And is indeed fake; it cannot produce any search results on its own as it simply lacks the functionality. Instead, it takes the user's search queries and redirects them through a legitimate search engine -

It is not recommended to keep browser hijackers such as LivePDFSearch on your devices as this would drastically increase the security risks faced by the users. Browser hijackers are known to inject dubious advertisements into the list of search results they present. Furthermore, most applications of this type also are equipped with various data-stealing capabilities. Usually, the user's browsing and search history, clicked URLs, IP address, and geolocation will be collected and transmitted to third-parties.