Description tricks users into subscribing to browser notifications from an empty website through a deceptive tactic. This page's primary goal is to deliver advertising content directly to users' computers in the form of push-notifications. However, advertisements redirect users to a potentially unsafe website that may install severe malware threats like ransomware and Trojans on victims' computers. To fulfill its purpose, needs the user's permission to display messages on their device; therefore, it exploits a well-known social engineering trick to get that permission. When people visit the website, they see some unknown content loading, along with the message:

' wants to Show notifications
Click Allow to continue'

Of course, clicking on the 'Allow' button does not show any meaningful content; it only subscribes users to intrusive pop-ups. These are typically about questionable online gaming pages, pages offering fake software, Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs), websites with adult content, and other similarly untrusty products and services on the Internet.

Experts recommend deleting notifications' permission from the affected browser's settings. However, if the unwanted pop-ups still show up, users should check their device for adware. Adware programs usually have features to track browsing data and sensitive user information. Therefore, they create high privacy risks and should be uninstalled as soon as possible.