Description is a rogue website aimed at running fraudulent promotional campaigns. This page has no content, and its only goal is to deliver advertising pop-ups straight to users' computers. pretends to be loading some video files while at the same time it asks visitors to subscribe to push notifications for the content to show up. This is a misleading request, and users who decide to click on the 'Allow' button give the website the permission it needs to display its advertisements and banners on their screens.

Notifications from can harm subscribers in many ways. They can contain infected scripts that may install malware on unsuspecting users' computers. Also, these advertisements typically redirect to potentially unsafe websites, like pages for online gambling or others promoting fake software and unwanted applications.

If you never allowed to show you notifications intentionally, but you still see its pop-ups, then, most likely, your device has been infected with an adware threat. Malware operators deliver adware as a drive-by download along with some popular freeware, and users do not even notice its presence until some of the symptoms occur. You can clean up your device from such Potentially Unwanted Programs through an automatic malware removal tool.