Threat Database Adware 'LiteCoin Giveaway' Pop-Up Scam

'LiteCoin Giveaway' Pop-Up Scam

'LiteCoin Giveaway' pop-up scam is a deceptive scheme run through dubious websites that attempt to trick users into sending LiteCoins to the crypto wallet address of the fraudsters. The websites promoting this tactic can be accessed from any device or computer. However, if users are experiencing an abnormal amount of redirects to such sites, their device may have adware or other Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) installed on it.

Visitors who land on the 'LiteCoin Giveaway' pop-up scam will be presented with what sounds like an amazing deal. Upon sending an amount of LiteCoins ranging between 3 LTC and 500 LTC to the provided 'contribution address' (the wallet of the fraudsters), users will then receive tenfold that amount back. At the current exchange rate of LTC, the contribution amount ranges from $250 to $40,000. As if that wasn't suspicious enough already, the con artists try to further entice people into sending them money by making even more outrageous claims. Apparently, there will be a bonus that depends on the amount of LiteCoins that the users send - 10% for contributions over 5 LTC, 20% for more than 50 LTC, and 30% if the contribution exceeds 200 LTC. The 'LiteCoin Giveaway' pop-up scam also mentions that visitors are allowed to make multiple 'contributions.'

It should be obvious that nothing about this offer is actually true. All of it consists of lies designed to trick users into sending away their money. The only thing they will be receiving back is the realization of the significant financial loss they have incurred.


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