The domain is related to adware and browser hijacker attacks. and content associated with this website will typically display pop-up advertisements or link to websites containing advertisements. Most of the time, redirects are caused by a browser hijacker that was installed after downloading a freeware program onto the affected computer. If you are experiencing redirects, it is important to use a reliable, fully updated anti-malware scanner to protect your computer.

What Causes the Redirects and Its Associated Symptoms

Often, redirects are caused because the victim has installed a freeware application that has been bundled with a Potentially Unwanted Program, or PUP. These types of infections are typically not malicious enough to be considered outright malware but do cause numerous symptoms on the infected computer that are more commonly associated with PC threats than with legitimate programs. Victims of redirects have reported that these are often accompanied with pop-up advertisements for related content. Some examples of symptoms associated with these attacks may include a drastic slowing down of your computer, frequent freezing and occasional crashes. Other symptoms may include connectivity problems and unauthorized changes to your Web browser's settings. Because these symptoms may expose your computer to other malware, it is important to remove browser hijackers associated with the domain with the help of a reliable anti-malware tool.

Stopping Redirects

To stop redirects, it is essential to remove the browser hijacker installed on the affected computer. To do this, first remove any recently installed browser extensions and add-ons using normal removal procedures. Once removed, it is necessary to use a reliable anti-malware program to scan your computer to ensure that no content remains on your computer or that it has not been exposed to malware. Finally, it is necessary to restore your Web browser and operating system settings manually since browser hijackers associated with will change certain browser settings without your permission and your anti-malware program may not be able to restore all of these to normal.