There are countless bogus websites online that prey on their visitors. Some promote unsafe applications that may pose a threat to the users’ systems’ health and safety. However, there are more harmless websites that are engaged in shady behavior too. is one of them.

The goal of the developers of the site is to mislead visitors into allowing this dodgy page to send them push-notifications via their Web browser alerts. Users who open the page will be required to click on the ‘Allow’ button if they wish to proceed and view the content they were looking for. Unfortunately, there is no content to be viewed, and the only goal of this site is to get the users’ permission to display Web browser notifications. The operators of this shady website would utilize the permission by spamming users with constant unwanted advertisements.

The advertisements affiliated with the website are not to be trusted, as such shady pages tend to work in cooperation with dodgy advertisement networks, which are known to promote overly expensive, low-quality products and services. Every time a user clicks on an advertisement pushed by the site, its developers generate revenue.

If you are among the users flooded with advertisements by the site, you should revoke the permissions you have given to this shady website using your Web browser settings.