Sometimes an adware program may enter your computer with the objective of installing third-party programs. This is the case with, an application classified as a browser hijacker by malware experts, which will be introduced to your machine by bundles. By bundling applications to popular free programs, adware developers may gain access to a computer without its user's acknowledgment. This may happen when the computer users do not read the Terms of Use of the freeware they want to download and install onto their machines, therefore allowing the entrance of another program, which may end up creating adverse situations.

Usually, these programs aren't unsafe while inside a machine; however, in the case of, the users' computers will be flooded with advertisements that may not have a safe content. Fake security and optimization programs, fraudulent updates and questionable Web toolbars are some of the unsafe content that can be housed in these advertisements. If you are one of the computer users that are enduring the unwelcomed presence of and its advertisements, the advice is to erase it, as well as all of its related components by using a malware removal suite.