Description is a questionable website linked to browser hijackers and adware, which masquerades as a legitimate search system; however, in truth, will not provide PC users with any trustworthy and safe search results related to their requests. Browser hijackers and adware associated with may compromise and change a Web browser and reroute search results in any genuine search provider to doubtful websites incorporating forcibly. Security threats connected with may alter the Web browser settings on the affected computer

PC infections linked to may replace the default homepage or search tool with, or open it in as a new tab page. If the computer users attemp to find anything on the Web by using, their Web browser may get diverted to suspicious commercial websites that may show random pop-up ads or ads matching to the Web user's surfing habits to boost traffic and benefit from ad-click. Adware and browser hijackers connected with may gather the computer user' browsing information in an effort to use it for targeted advertising. Although not threatening, it is not recommendable to keep a browser hijacker running on a computer. Therefore, if you have installed on your machine, you should remove it by using a malware removal tool.