If you see some pop-ups displayed by a website named when browsing the Internet, this may mean that you are visiting corrupted websites that support These pop-ups will ask you to click a button called 'Allow' and justify the request saying that this is a way to certify that you are human, not a robot. However, this is not what will happen if you click the 'Allow' button. The result will be that it will make you a subscriber to the notifications. However, giving the asked permission, will deliver an enormous number of sponsored advertisements that may cover parts of the content you are trying to read.

Although the notifications displayed by are not unsafe, it is not recommended to access their contents since they may sometimes take you to suspicious websites, promote products and services of dubious quality or try to trick you by using other online tactics.

If you are worried thinking that the notifications from that you are seeing can cause any harm, you can rest assured that it is not the case. However, they are bothering you, indeed. Therefore, to get back to your normal activities, you should withdraw the permission given to