LightspeedPC Description

The LightspeedPC software is published by 'Lightspeed Computer' on hxxp://lightspeedpc[.]com. The LightspeedPC program is promoted as a system optimizer that can improve the overall performance of your system by removing junk files and Registry keys in Windows. You may be suggested that LightspeedPC is a revolutionary new product that removes corrupted Registry entries, which should lead to a noticeably faster system. Computer experts warn users that the statements on lightspeedpc[.]com can be very misleading to PC users who are not knowledgeable about how Windows works.

There are many factors to consider when you talk about computer performance that ranges from poorly optimized programs, through bad system drivers to old hardware. The LightspeedPC program should not be perceived as a wondrous tool that can speed up your system with a click of a button. The removal of Registry keys is not going to deliver perceptible improvements to how Windows responds to your commands. Removing junk files and temporary files is not going to make your system more stable. LightspeedPC may mark files saved by your Web browser as unnecessary files, but these files are used to speed up the loading of Web pages. The only feature in LightspeedPC that you may find somewhat useful is the disk defragmentation feature. Hard drives consist of a spinning disk where your data is saved in a continuous block. Deleting files from the HDD makes it hard for Windows to load the files that are located in sectors that are far apart from each other. Defragmentation operations condense data cluster and can result in improved read/write ratio. Hence, HDD defragmentation should be performed as often as possible to keep your system running smoothly and as fast as possible.

The Windows OS comes with a built-in defragment tool, and you might not want to buy LightspeedPC from lightspeedpc[.]com. Paying $29,95 to LightSpeedPC for a tool you already have on Windows may not be a desirable choice for many users. The difference between the promoted performance and real-world performance of LightspeedPC is not likely to convince many users to keep using LightspeedPC. Moreover, AV companies warn users about LightspeedPC and use the following detection names for files created by LightspeedPC:

Riskware ( dec001521 )
malware (ai score=88)

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