LightsOut Description

LightsOut is an adware extension that may seem like a useful program at first, but we assure you that this application's negative traits may be way more than the positive things it can bring. According to LightsOut's official website, this extension is meant to enhance your experience while watching online videos or other media by changing the background's color to black. The purpose of this is to make the website easier for your eyes and allow you to pay more attention to the media being displayed. However, LightsOut also may bring other unwanted changes to your Web browser – advertisements, pop-ups, and other marketing content may be injected in all active Web browser windows.

The 'LightsOut ads' that accompany the installation of this adware may promote Potentially Unwanted Programs or other suspicious software that you should not install on your computer. If you have the LightsOut extension installed, and its advertisements have taken over your Web browser, then you should attempt to resolve the problem immediately. The swiftest way to eliminate the annoying advertisements and stop LightsOut's activity is to run a reputable anti-malware tool and fully clean your computer from suspicious software.

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