Life Radio Pro Tab

Life Radio Pro Tab Description

The Life Radio Pro Tab is classified as a browser hijacker and a PUP ( Potentially Unwanted Program). The Life Radio Pro Tab has the ability to modify the default settings of the user's Web browser. Unlike most other programs of the same type, Life Radio Pro Tab actually has two separate versions - one is a browser extension while the other is an entire browser based on Chromium. However, both versions' goal is the same, mainly to promote a fake search engine and display sponsored content.

If you have the browser extension version of the Life Radio Pro Tab, you may notice that the default homepage and the new page tab of your browser have suddenly been changed to open The default search engine also will be changed to This means that any search queries conducted by the user will be redirected to this fake search engine that, in turn, will use for the actual search results.

If the Chromium version of the Life Radio Pro Tab is installed, it will dock a new tab at the top of the Windows desktop screen. Some users may not even notice that they are using a different browser and not their default Chrome. Still, all of their searches will, once again, be redirected through

Keeping PUPs such as the Life Radio Pro Tab, even if they have somewhat useful features, is risky. Oftentimes, these programs can track the user's browsing habits and searchers. They also could display sponsored advertisements or links to shady third-party websites among the search results. That is why the best response to the issue is to remove them from the computer as soon as possible.