LifeBettering Description

Type: Adware

LifeBettering is one of the many Potentially Unwanted Programs that may be associated with the Conduit search engine. Conduit has long been known as a search engine that is used to deliver advertisements to computer users instead of legitimate search results. Countless Web browser add-ons are designed to make changes to the victims' Web browsers to force them to visit Conduit repeatedly. These programs are intended to display unasked online advertisements and promote various websites that are affiliated with Conduit. If LifeBettering is installed on your computer, it is highly probable that you will see a variety of irritating symptoms on your Web browser and system performance. The immediate removal of LifeBettering with the help of an appropriate security program is highly recommended, to avoid becoming exposed to other PUPs and possible consequences of PUPs like LifeBettering.

Problems that may be Created by LifeBettering and Similar PUPs

PUPs like LifeBettering may cause a variety of symptoms on affected computers and may be associated with several types of problems. Known issues that may be associated with LifeBettering and other PUPs that use a similar approach:

  • LifeBettering and similar PUPs may make changes to your Web browser settings. LifeBettering may change your Web browser's homepage and default search engine to Conduit or to another affiliated website. LifeBettering may also alter your Web browser's security settings, making it more vulnerable to LifeBettering, similar tactics and suspicious PUPs.
  • LifeBettering may cause your Web browser to display irritating pop-up messages, pop-up windows and the opening of multiple new tabs unexpectedly and automatically. These types of symptoms may interfere with your online experience, making it almost impossible for PC users to use their Web browsers normally.
  • PUPs like LifeBettering may cause performance issues on affected Web browsers. They may cause your Web browser to become slow, freeze frequently or behave erratically. They also may affect your Internet connectivity and speed, making Web pages load slowly or not at all.

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