License expiration error

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"License expiration error" is a fake pop-up warning displayed by rogue security software. "License expiration error" is used to scare users into believing that their systems are infected with Trojans or viruses and then coerce them into purchasing rogueware as a solution. Do not trust the "License expiration error" pop-up and never purchase the applications it promotes.

Technical Information

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The following messages associated with License expiration error were found:
License expiration error
Activation can't be performed on an unlicensed version
Windows found a virus on your computer, but could not remove it, because the utility to remove this type of virus is a professional product and in not supplied your copy of Windows. We recommend that you immediately purchase a license and remove the virus, because its activity can lead to irreversible consequences and loss of important files. Some of the files on your hard drive is already damaged and lost performanc