Legionship.club Description

Legionship.club is a fraudulent scheme whose primary goal is to promote unsafe Internet sites and services. When users visit the Legionship.club website, they see the following message:

'Legionship.club wants to Show notifications.

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Legionship.club imitates a legit CAPTCHA-verification test, but in fact, it is a tactic to receive the user's browser notifications approval. Once people click on the "Allow" button, their devices will be flooded with potentially harmful advertising content that promotes Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs), adult sites, online gaming pages, fake discount coupons or deals, etc. Legionship.club messages may even look like a real alert from a legit anti-malware program that warns that the user's license has expired.

Anything displayed by this unsafe website can redirect users to other misleading websites; therefore, Legionship.club permission to deliver browser notifications should be deleted immediately. Also, malware researchers recommend scanning the device with a reputable anti-virus application to detect and remove any adware or browser hijackers possibly installed on the system.