Leefmylife.info is a mostly empty website created with a single purpose in mind - to proliferate a popular browser-based tactic. Every day more and more websites that are nearly identical to Leefmylife.info come into existence. They all share the same goal and, for the most part, employ the same deceitful tactics. Visitors who land on such a website are presented with various fake alerts or error messages that all try to convince them to click the 'Allow' button.

The most common tactic is for the misleading website to pretend to be conducting a captcha check for bots. Leefmylife.info, however, has adopted a different strategy - it shows an error image and prominently displays the following message:

'Flash Player blocked this video

Click "Allow" to play.'

Following the instructions will have a different outcome, though, as clicking the button will give Leefmylife.info the browser permissions it requires to start executing its primary function - the delivery of unsolicited advertisements directly to the screen of the affected device. The creators of the website will, in turn, start generating monetary gains.

The advertisements delivered by Leefmylife.info will expose the user to various privacy concerns and risks. They could redirect to dubious online casino websites or ones that offer fake software updates or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

Closing the browser will not prevent the Leefmylife.info tactic. What affected users should do is open the 'Settings' menu of the browser, locate the 'Permissions' tab, find the Leefmylife.info website, and remove all of the permissions that had been given to it.


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