LearnTheLyrics Description

The LearnTheLyrics program from Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. is marketed to Web surfers as a new tab replacement for the users who would like to learn the lyrics for their favorite songs. The LearnTheLyrics New Tab replacement is made available to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users. The LearnTheLyrics application can be downloaded and installed from free.learnthelyrics.com for free. However, you will want to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at eula.mindspark.com/eula and eula.mindspark.com/privacypolicy.first. Mindspark is known for monetizing products by collecting a wide range of Internet usage statistics and pushing targeted advertisements to the users that you may not like to receive. The LearnTheLyrics is programmed to read your Internet history, the downloads logs and the list of installed extensions. The data is sent to Mindspark for analysis, and the company helps ad platforms display personalized offers when you browse related sites.

You may want to know that the LearnTheLyrics New Tab page is loaded from http://hp.myway.com/learnthelyrics/ttab02/index.html, which can be accessed without installing the associated browser extension. You can still benefit from the LearnTheLyrics New Tab page by simply bookmarking the hp.myway.com/learnthelyrics/ttab02/ site. The LearnTheLyrics New Tab page includes a customized search by Yahoo and links to services like lyrics.com, lyrster.com, and search.azlyrics.com that you are likely to find useful. You should note that the aforementioned services are not endorsing the usage of LearnTheLyrics by Mindspark and the extension acts more like a redirect service and custom search than anything else. The LearnTheLyrics application is perceived as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. that you may consider for removal if you are not fond of browser redirects and the Yahoo search provider.