LeapSense Description

Type: Adware

LeapSense is an adware program classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program. Programs like LeapSense are used to gather information about computer users and to profit at their expense by causing erratic behavior on the victim's Web browser. Although LeapSense is not precisely threatening, many of its behaviors are so intrusive that its symptoms are very similar to established types of threats. Programs like LeapSense present a threat to computers and to the computer users' privacy, since LeapSense may allow third parties to obtain access to privileged information and use it in various types of misleading tactics or for marketing research. PC security analysts strongly advise removing LeapSense immediately from an affected computer, preferably with the help of a strong, fully updated security application.

All LeapSense can Do is to Expose You to Unwanted Advertisements

The fact is that LeapSense does not have your best interests in mind and that LeapSense does not provide any kind of useful or interesting service. Rather, LeapSense may fill your Web browser with sponsored content and try to expose you to advertisements as much as possible. LeapSense has been known to cause numerous problems on affected computers, which may include the following:

  1. LeapSense may display advertisements on the affected Web browser, including pop-up advertisements, sliding advertisements, and advertising material inserted directly into text or into a side window on websites visited on the affected Web browser. LeapSense may also substitute advertisements with its own suspicious advertising material on the websites accessed by the affected Web browser.
  2. LeapSense may cause browser redirects, causing the victim's Web browser to visit certain low quality websites repeatedly. LeapSense may also change the affected Web browser's homepage and default search engine to these websites in order to expose the victim to advertising material and sponsored content as soon as the affected Web browser starts up.
  3. LeapSense may compromise your security by keeping track of your online activities, relaying this information to a third party. Some of this information may include your Web browser and operating system settings, browsing history and Web browser trends.

Technical Information

Registry Details

LeapSense creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Registry key
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Approved Extensions\{d6865831-dd17-4b40-acc0-d036f3f641fb}

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