Leakgovsecritydevlossinfo.pw Description

The LeakgovsecritydevlossInfo.pw domain was registered with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) recently and is associated with a browser hijacker and a redirect-gateway at b3stm0b1l3.com. The LeakgovsecritydevlossInfo.pw browser hijacker may be offered to users as an extension that would optimize their homepage in Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Users that are infected with a browser hijacking extension may have their homepage changed to LeakgovsecritydevlossInfo.pw and experience browser redirects via b3stm0b1l3.com to pornographic content. An Internet browser that is redirecting its users to adult rated content does not make a difference between an elderly person and a minor. Moreover, the LeakgovsecritydevlossInfo.pw browser hijacker may load pop-up windows that invite users to install badware like MP3Spun and FB Photo Zoom.

Reports from several Web filters like Google Safe Browsing, Blue Coat, and Websense suggest that the b3stm0b1l3.com redirect-gateway may provide users with insecure content. The behavior of the LeakgovsecritydevlossInfo.pw browser hijacker is similar to Sugabit.net and might modify your search results on Google and Bing. Security investigators note that the Internet browser of infected users may run slower, and users may see inline ads that link to untrusted domains. You should avoid following the LeakgovsecritydevlossInfo.pw links that are bold in your Google search to avoid loading a compromised Web page, and disturbing pornographic content. The LeakgovsecritydevlossInfo.pw browser hijacker may edit your DNS settings to reroute your traffic through b3stm0b1l3.com and use DOM storage data to record your search terms. The LeakgovsecritydevlossInfo.pw browser hijacker may run as a background system service on your computer, and you may have a hard time deleting its executable while it is loaded in RAM. Security analysts recommend users to install a trustworthy anti-spyware tool that can remove the LeakgovsecritydevlossInfo.pw browser hijacker safely.