LeadingServiceSearch Description

LeadingServiceSearch is an adware program that also has the features of a browser hijacker. Malware researchers classify it as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), as it sneaks into computers without the user’s consent, whereby the typical method of distribution is through bundling within the setup of other software offered for free.

LeadingServiceSearch’s primary goal is to deliver pop-ups, banners, coupon codes, fake surveys, and other intrusive advertising content to the affected devices. As a consequence, computers infected with this PUP become slow, and the overall performance and browsing experience for the user is deteriorated strongly. In addition, the aggressive advertisements displayed by LeadingServiceSearch may contain corrupted links and redirect the user to unsafe websites on the Internet, resulting in additional malware threats being installed on the computer without the user’s notice.

In its role as a browser hijacker, LeadingServiceSearch modifies the browser’s homepage, default search engine, and new tab URL, replacing them with a fake Web search tool that generates revenue by redirecting the user’s search queries through unwanted pages. Most PUPs like this one also have data-tracking features. Thus, they can collect sensitive user data and then transfer it to third parties for a profit. That can cause serious privacy issues and even lead to identity theft. LeadingServiceSearch should be removed immediately after detection through a reputable anti-malware program.