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Kutaki Keylogger

By GoldSparrow in Keyloggers

The Kutaki Keylogger is a piece of malware that is classified as a keylogger or keystroke logger. Its only purpose is to run unnoticed in the background of the infected machine and monitor, log, and collect information. The goal of the cybercriminals behind the Kutaki Keylogger is to obtain confidential information that they can then use for monetary gains. As a result, having the Kutaki Keylogger, or any other keylogger threat on your computer could have devastating consequences.

The Kutaki Keylogger was caught by cybersecurity researchers to be distributed by a small-scale phishing campaign. The malware threat was hidden inside a legitimate Visual Basic application. The Kutaki Keylogger is equipped with techniques against analysis, running in a virtual machine, and debugging tools. Although the specific techniques appear to be severely antiquated (according to the researchers, the methods employed by Kutaki are taken from blogs dated back to 2010-2011), they can still perform adequately. Although the name of this specific class of malware is keylogger, these threatening programs can collect data from nearly all potential sources with just key presses. Kutaki is no different as it can collect input data coming from the keyboard, clipboard, mouse, microphone and even the screen of the infected device.

All unsuspecting users will enter their login credentials for various websites, emails, and social media accounts that could then be used to spread the Kutaki Keylogger or other malware threats to more victims through social engineering tricks inevitably. And that is the best-case scenario because the hackers could have also collected the user's bank information and credit card details leading to monetary losses for the victim. The information that has been captured by the Kutaki Keylogger can result in identity theft, fraudulent transactions and more.


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