Threat Database Vulnerability KRACK Vulnerability

KRACK Vulnerability

By GoldSparrow in Vulnerability

Another vulnerability was identified by the researchers that analyzed the WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access version 3). This vulnerability that was denominated KRACK Vulnerability works similarly to the Dragonblood Vulnerability, another flaw detected in the WPA3. As its name hints, its objective is to find its way inside a network by cracking the Wi-Fi network password.

Once the password is cracked, the attackers can reach not only the attacked machine but all the computers that are part of the network. Then, they can accomplish their objective which, in the case of the KRACK Vulnerability, is to collect information from the cracked computers. The collected information may include online banking username and password, credit card numbers, email address, and many more details about the machines' owners.

The Krack Vulnerability can bring countless problems to computer users. Therefore, until the vulnerabilities present on the WPA3 are patched properly, you should find ways to avoid them. The suggestion from the specialists it to keep an anti-malware tool installed and running 24/7 on your machine.


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