KP Search Bear

By GoldSparrow in Potentially Unwanted Programs

The KP Search Bear software by Selecao Technologies is built with the Crossrider platform, and it is perceived by computer experts as adware because it aggressively pushes marketing materials in the user's web browser. The KP Search Bear adware creates a scheduled task named 'Koala Personal Search' under the Windows Task Scheduler to enable its activities upon system bootup. The KP Search Bear browser app may appear as an extension, and add-on or a Browser Helper Object depending on your web browser of choice. The KP Search Bear software functions as ad aggregator of adware developers that monetize clicks on the displayed pop-ups, ad boxes, and banners. You could encounter the Kp Search Bear software embedded with freeware bundles to ensure its widespread, or it may be promoted to you as a search enhancer on websites dedicated to free software. If you detect the KP Search Bear adware on your system, you might want to use a trustworthy anti-spyware to remove it.


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