Klickmode.biz pop-ups is an Internet tactic that promotes various questionable products and services through an empty website. Websites like Klickmode.biz are typically pushed by a browser hijacker that redirects users to this and many other similarly harmful pages. Clicking on random advertisements also can open this untrusty website. The primary goal of Klickmode.biz is to make users subscribe to its browser notifications. Therefore it shows the following message:

'Klickmode.biz wants to Show notifications

Your file is ready to download'

Obviously, clicking on the presented green 'Download' button, in fact, subscribes the user to browser notifications from this rogue website. Subsequently, Klickmode.biz will start displaying excessive advertisements on all subscribers' screens, even if no browser is open currently. Klickmode.biz' notifications can potentially infect users with severe malware threats by rerouting online traffic to potentially unsafe websites. Besides, the massive number of sponsored messages can lead to a substantial deterioration of the computer's performance and browsing experience.

Adware threats also can generate the Klickmode.biz pop-ups, so malware researchers advise users affected by this fraud to scan their computers with an anti-virus program. 


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